When we started building our new Foley facilities deep in the countryside we understood it would be important to pick a team that would appreciate this kind of environment. In doing so we discovered that we each gained a much happier quality of life and have a great connection to each other. Our love of Foley work and collective love of nature bring us together and closer to excellence in our work each day.


Director and Foley Artist

Franzi Treutler, our commander-in-chief, studied sound engineering at SAE Berlin in 1994. Her passion for film sound has since led to her working in many fields of audio post production such as dubbing, editing and Foley. Due to her keen interest in Foley she started her own business in London in 2010, The Foley Factory. In 2015 Franzi started performing Foley herself. She loves every step of the Foley process.


Lead Foley Artist

Pete Burgis is an award winning, world class Foley artist. He has over 25 years of experience in creating bespoke and natural sounding Foley of the highest quality, for all types of media. Prior to 2020, Pete was Pinewood’s Creative Audio department’s lead Foley artist. His love of performance and Foley fuelled his dreams of designing the perfect studio, here in the beautiful German countryside.


Lead Foley Mixer

Maxwell MacRae is our youngest farmer; born in the rugged Scottish Highlands he traversed the vast North European Plain to join our ever-growing international team. Having studied music and songwriting at BIMM Manchester he found his love for Foley, post production and all things audio. 

Cuevas Alcocer

Foley Mixer


Foley Mixer


Prop Master

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