We specialise in foley production. We create bespoke foley tracks for film, TV, game audio, radio and commercials. With our team of foley mixers, editors, sound designers and foley artists we are all connected under one roof working closely together to deliver the best quality of service for every project. With 50 years experience between Pete and Franzi, we are capable of dealing with any challenge in the world of film sound. Our recording and editorial team are fully trained on Pro Tools and REAPER. We can record Foley from our London facilities that are connected via Source Connect.

Water Recordings

We are accommodating all types of special water recordings. 

Outside Recordings

Source material for any sound library can be easily created in our quiet rural setting. Special permissions can be acquired for explosions, outside fire and firearms recordings. Our great network of local people and farmers means that we have access to farm equipment, live stock and much more. Local lakes provide opportunities for recordings of sailing and other water sports.

  • Charting and cue creation
  • Foley recording
  • Foley editing
  • Cinematic foley
  • Asset creation
  • Voice recording


We pride ourselves on the respectful recreation of character that drives the cinematic narrative. As a team we are always excited to be part of other teams so we can share our vision, knowledge and passion for post production. Director notes and all input are always very welcome.

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