The Foley Farm

1000sqm/10760sqft on 5 acres of land

 After returning to Germany with a dream of building a Foley and Audio Post Production facility and falling in love with a late 19th century stable building, Franzi with her partner Matti started to build the perfect space, free of compromise, and so the Foley Farmers and Studio Goldberg were born. Of the 1000 sqm building, 700 sqm has been dedicated to the creation of a purpose built and all encompassing foley facility, designed by consultant and award winning artist, Pete Burgis. 

Water Stage


After talking to many mixers we noticed that getting isolated natural water recordings is fantastic. So we decided to create a big water stage. The pool is 4×8 metres, heated, and is 3 metres at its deepest point. The stage is treated so we can create dead recordings of open water, with a curved edge, sloped sides and so that no slap back occurs. Having the sloped side allows us to fill the water over the edge, further allowing for natural sounding water recordings.

Pete's Room


Pete’s room will be a 150 sqm with high ceilings supported by wooden beams that provide a very natural expansive sound. Included will be several doors, a staircase and 25 interior and exterior surfaces. Whilst we are waiting for the building to be completed, Pete is working in our purpose built 60 sqm original space. 

Pete thoroughly enjoying performing a motorcycle chase for one of our UK clients.

Franzi's Room


Franzi’s room is 100 sqm with a 5 metre high ceiling. Through the beam structure, we can connect several microphones to record perspectives. With the curtains we can create flexible acoustic spaces. She has a fully functional bath tub, shower, toilet, sink and kettle, so there is really no reason to ever leave the studio! And having a car in the room is just amazing.

Prop Storage and Equipment


Both rooms have direct access to a 45 metres long shelving unit, filled with everything from vintage and handmade antiques to modern appliances and technology. 



The building also houses 2 kitchens, 4 edit suites and inside meeting rooms as well as outside terraces.
All spaces are available for dry hire. We are proud to be able to accommodate up to 10 visiting clients or sound team members. Goldberg is located equidistant from Berlin and Hamburg and we provide pickup services from both airports.

Recording Garage


We will have a 60 sqm car garage fully connected to all studios to allow for recordings to be produced using any type of car.



We love to give our Foley something a little extra for a natural feel. We consider ourselves very lucky to have a pond and a wooded area on our land with which we can use our outside recording kits. So, every now and then the team can be found scattered throughout the property hunting for the ultimate twig snap for that special footstep through the forest. 

After waiting for what seemed like weeks for the pond to fully freeze over, we were blessed with a 20cm blanket of snow. Pete and Max then spent an entire day sweeping the pond which led to us producing the most beautiful snow and ice sounds we have ever created. 


5 bedrooms

If clients would like to attend sessions, or dry hire the studio, they are always very welcome in our homely and luxurious accommodation. All internal travel will be taken care of. Home cooking from the organic garden and the local hunters is available on site.


600sqm/6450sqft 30kWh

Once up and running, our solar panels will produce 90% of the energy that we use.

Vegetable Garden


Along with our drive for eco living we have a large vegetable garden… Gore on every level is never a problem for us.

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