The Water Stage

Finally! Our water recording stage is filled with nice fresh water and we are all ready to jump in for our next water based project! The water sits just above our rounded coping so we won’t hear any slaps from the sides… perfect for open ocean sounds. The stepped design enables us to perform ankle deep, knee deep and hip deep and then we can bomb in to the 3 metre deep end!


 We’re excited for you all to see the wonderful film ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ starring Naomi Ackie as Whitney Houston.

A beautiful film we created the Foley for in 2022. Watch in cinemas now!

 ‘Stonehouse’ is another fantastic series we created the Foley for in 2022. You can now watch the 3 part series on ITV!

We would love to know what you think.

 2022 was a fantastic year for us and we appreciate all the continued support we have received from everyone. Looking back on an amazing year, we had the pleasure of working on so many brilliant productions.

The whole team loved working on ‘Living’ in our new studios. A heartwarming film about the fragility of life. Give it a watch!

Franzi’s Studio!

Franzi’s studio is ready and fully operational! The curtain setup gives it an amazing flexibility of sound… Team Max and Franzi are over the moon!

Dog Life

It’s great to have old and wise dog Edward watching the busy people at the building site. Thanks to him, we are now very close to having Franzis studio ready!

Water Stage Progress

It’s almost time to say goodbye to our temporary pool

We did have amazing times in the water working on great projects such as Vindication Swim and Make or Break. While our builders are busy finishing our water stage which will be operational in May, we are more than happy to splash about in our temp pool.

Franzi’s Studio

We have been working on building Franzi’s studio recently and it is looking great already. We just have to put in the finishing touches and Franzi and Max will be moving in next week. We are all very excited! 

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